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The 30 Day Transformational Journal

Daily affirmations, rituals & journaling to support your evolution.

With Our 30 Day Transformational Journal You Will:

  • Create a daily practice of positive affirmation, journaling & rituals
  • Remove the barriers to creating a space of peace, affirmation and abundance in your daily life
  • Get 30 days of unique affirmations, journal prompts & daily rituals that we created just for you!

A note from Krista and Lindsey...

We are inviting you to commit to yourself — for the next 30 days.

We’ve found that it’s the small daily shifts that had led us to finding life-changing evolution. This 30-day transformational journal was inspired by the habits that have transformed our own lives.

Each day includes an affirmation, a journal prompt and a daily ritual.

This will provide a structure to help you ground down, go inward, and connect with yourself so each day you can remember, “there I am.”

This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Join us.

With love,

Krista and Lindsey